SEM Calibration

SEM Calibration



Gold on Carbon resolution standards (SGC range) with their varying sized gaps between gold crystals on a carbon substrate allow tests for resolution to be made under actual SEM operating conditions. They can also can be used to assess the quality of grey-level reproduction at high resolution. Gold on Carbon is available in two size ranges. To facilitate preliminary focusing and positioning at low magnifications (<150X) an outline of a square mesh grid is provided on the surface of the standard.


SGC5200 is good for all SEM’s. High resolution SEMs should give good results in the gap test combined with good grey level reproduction. Medium-quality instruments may achieve a chosen gap resolution, but the grey-level production may be lower; for example only 4 or 5 grey levels may appear.


SGC0230 has ultra small gold islands (<2nm-30nm) particularly suitable for use with Field Emission SEM’s and require higher magnification to resolve the smaller particles.



Both SGC5200 Gold on carbon and SGC0230 High-resolution gold on carbon are usually supplied on a 12.5 mm pin stubs. If you require an unmounted resolution standard please add U after the number. e.g. SGC5200U. For resolution standards

on other stubs please specify 0n your order.


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Tin on Carbon resolution standards (STC range) are an industry standard for resolution, astigmatism and image shift measurements for SEMs. The relatively high atomic number of tin gives the spheres high contrast against the carbon substrate. Tin on Carbon standards are available in two sphere size ranges.


STC5300 has sphere sizes that can be imaged over a wide range of magnifications, accelerating voltages and spot sizes, using a single calibration specimen. This is a particularly good resolution test specimen for training new users of SEMs. The ability to image the specimen at low magnification simplifies initial focussing at

low accelerating voltages.



STC1099 has smaller sphere sizes and is particularly suitable for modern hi- resolution FEGSEMs. It has a grid pattern to facilitate locating and positioning.



Both STC5300 Tin on carbon and STC1099 small tin on carbon are usually supplied on 12.5mm pin stubs. If you require an unmounted resolution standard please add a U after the part number when ordering e.g. STC5300U. For resolution standards on other stubs please specify on your order.


New Products

Silicon test specimen added to the range and support films are now available on Hexagonal grids for greater strength and maximum viewable area.


SST10 silicon test specimen is excellent for comparing magnification and assessing distortion in the image field. Supplied as standard on a 12.5mm pin stub, it can also be supplied unmounted or on any stub of choice. Your sample can also be mounted directly onto a silicon specimen for internal calibration and direct measurements.

NEW  A range of support films is now available on Hexagonal grids. The hexagon shape makes the most efficient use of space and is found widely in the natural world where high strength and support is required. Our Holey and Lacey support films are especially popular on this type of grid providing excellent coverage and viewing area between the grid bars. Please call or email us with your specific requirements.