TEM Support Film

TEM Support Film



EM Resolutions Ltd offers a range of carbon support films / coated grids for various TEM applications. We can supply films on a variety of Cu, Au and Ni grid types and sizes, including finder grids. Other grid types and sizes are available on request.



Carbon only continuous films (C range) provide a thin electron transparent support for viewing small nanoparticles. If you need slightly thicker or thinner films then please tell us and we can modify future orders to your requirements.



Formvar only (F range) support films are an excellent solution when viewing fragile sections in the TEM. They are particularly good for supporting ultrathin cryosections.



Formvar Carbon support films (FC range) offer a good solution where a carbon only film is too fragile to withstand pre-treatments or additional processing. They also provide the option to remove the formvar before use.



Holey and Lacey Carbon support films (HC and LC range) provide a wide range of hole sizes and offer a cost effective solution where are a continuous film is not desirable. They are particularly suited for suspensions of nano and virus like particles for cryo- TEM. Lacey Carbon supports are particularly strong and ideal for specimens requiring more rigorous pre-treatments. Our experience of developing methods over 30 years enables us to have greater control over the formation of the holes. If you need a particular hole size or would prefer slightly thicker or thinner films then please tell us and we can modify future orders to your requirements.





For demanding applications thin layer Graphene oxide (GO) on lacey carbon films are an ideal alternative for providing good contrast when viewing carbon particles. We carefully select coated grids with optimum hole size for this application.

Holey and Lacey carbon support films are now available on hexagonal mesh grids for maximum viewing area.

All Coated grids are checked with an optical microscope before packing as part of our quality process. Each box has a batch number and date code enabling batches to be tracked and a high level of quality to be maintained.

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